From WSO:

This is concerning Shabin Raj, whom all of you know as a dear friend.

I am calling you to seek a small help and favor from you. It is concerning his mother.

His mother has been undergoing treatment for cancer in India since July 2006. She has been the sole earner of the family. Shabin’s family comes from a poor and backward community called the out-caste which limits their position, power, and even rights in the Indian society.

Even now the doctors are refusing to treat her further as the family has exhausted all their resources and do not have enough money for the treatment. It burns our hearts and breaks our hopes when the doctors are refusing her treatment.

Shabin Raj has taken time off his College to work and raise the money needed for the treatment. He has taught in schools, lectured in colleges in India, to raise the money for the treatment and run the family. But now, further treatment for his mother is very expensive and beyond what he can raise by his lone efforts in the short given time.

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UPDATE: This post has been edited.

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