From Politico:

The Coakley campaign is bridling at finger-pointing from the White House and Washington Democrats, and an outside adviser to the campaign has provided to POLITICO a memo aimed at rebutting the charge that Coakley failed and making the case that national Democrats failed her. …

National Dems Failed to Aid Coakley Until Too Late

— Coakley campaign provided national Democrats with all poll results since early December

— Coakley campaign noted concerns about “apathy” and failure of national Democrats to contribute early in December. Coakley campaign noted fundraising concerns throughout December and requested national Democratic help.

— DNC and other Dem organizations did not engage until the week before the election, much too late to aid Coakley operation

Brown Capitalized on Concerns About National Democrats …

Correct. Although Coakley staff are eager to CTAs, I agree that 90%+ of the problem was not her fault. Mike Capuano would have faced just as many problems, and maybe even more. My Democrat friends should stop pretending that there is not widespread anger at the Democrats/Congress/Obama. There is. That anger may be unfair: unemployment would be just as high if McCain had won. Yet anger there is. Don’t believe me and my fellow Tea Partiers? See you in November!

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