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Fraud 101

Commentary on Catch Mr. Bernard Moore.

Fraud 101: Apprenticeship in Bank Fraud and Social Security Fraud
Bernard Moore, formerly Visiting Professor, Williams College

This course is being offered once, and once only by special arrangement with Prof. Bernard Moore. It introduces basic fraud concepts, and a thorough understanding of Black’s Law to ensure that apprentice as well as experienced fraudsters properly engage in fraudulent activities. Lab exercises include best practices in Identity Theft and practical Money Laundering techniques. A unique aspect of this course is the opportunity to be an apprentice fraudster studying at the feet of self-confessed fraudster, Prof. Bernard Moore.

This is my painfully bad attempt at satire, of course. Bad humor aside, Prof. Bernard Moore is no mythical figure. And his purported activities are not apocryphal either.

My daughter, a senior in high school, is currently applying to college, and Williams College, in Williamstown, MA is on her list. As we researched the college (and hyperventilated over costs), I came across this article in the Williams Record, and nearly fell off my chair (I actually did. Seriously. And not from the cost of attending college.)

The esteemed Prof. Bernard Moore seems like quite con-man!