Nicaraguan diarrhea poster removed and Ronit’s comments gratefully accepted!

This type of diarrhea needs no visual comment more than the count of his postings today. I was going to do something clever (at least as I perceive things) by reducing each of his posts to an insubstantial tweet and suggesting this might have been more appropriate to the actual content, but then I though WTF.

“More posting diarrheaā€¯?

God Forbid!!!!
“It’s your body’s way of getting something nasty out of your system.”

I think we have more than enough of this on this blog. The curse of Montezuma plagues us.

Don’t drink the water!

(constant readers may have noticed a change in my tone recently from bemused to beset by David and his tin ear and words applied with a shovel. I am tired of reading his rants. The answer to this is “Well, don’t read the blog”. Too true!.)

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