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Well folks, I think today is going to be a banner day for MA Republicans. In the end, I think Coakley is going to lose on the issues. People are not happy with what the health care bill has become without the public option, and her fundraiser with big health care operatives played right into that.

Her position on the war seems confused, at very best poorly articulated (when she answers questions about it). Her known advocacy for federal gun bans is not going to win her any favors in rural areas. I think today is the day that MA Reagan Democrats and independents send a message… one that will probably be received as some kind of slam Obama, but the reality is, she was always a vulnerable candidate. There are a lot of blue collar people in MA, and I predict they are going to express their anger at the establishment and far left “institutional/ educational elite” positions that Coakley has been successfully been painted as a banner for. Taxpayer funded abortions, gun control, and the war will all be huge today… as huge or bigger than the health care issue. That will most likely lost in the press, who are sure to focus on this in terms of the filibuster in the health care debate.

The politics of the Afghanistan Vietnam connection- in this case, one candidates baggage from the war in Vietnam caused her to take policy positions that are not founded on the reality of the enemy we face, or the manner in which most Americans believe we should face it. Advocacy for withdrawal in Afghanistan based memories of Vietnam and denial rather than a grounded reality of what we face (a vicious enemy that wants to kill us, at home and abroad), play right into liberal stereotypes. I think a person could argue that Afghanistan is not worth the human life or money, and argue for other forms of containment- and be ok with voters- but to plug your ears or give the appearance of “hear no evil, see no evil, do no evil” seems completely tone deaf to me, and it is going to cost you a lot of blue collar votes. You need to have solutions, to win the voters.

Here is to tipping the scale back to some balance.

Your faithful Ephblogger


PS- I’ll eat my humble pie if I am wrong. Best wishes to you all!


Looks like I will not have to eat my humble pie this time… I am surprised at how badly she got beaten (kind of)… 5 points is a blowout. It would be interesting to do some analysis of rural counties… see how badly her gun control position hurt her with rural and blue collar voters. You do not win in MA without the townie vote…. Martha lost, the Townie vote.

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