“Theater’s impact on the news and politics is more and more pronounced than it’s ever been. It’s almost all theater. This is something I’ve written about a lot. Whether it be the propaganda, in my view, used by the Bush administration to sell the war in Iraq and declare victory as a “Mission accomplished” playlet, you might call it or Barack Obama setting up those Greek pillars to give his acceptance speech at the Democratic Convention in Denver in 2008
from http://record.williams.edu/wp/?p=1732 ,

Roman Scandals (1933) MGM, Frank Tuttle-director, Busby Berkely-choreographer, story by George S Kaufman

Notice the similarity to the Denver acceptance set when the long shots begin about 3:32.

Cantor in black face. Real blacks shown as slaves and mostly in non-integrated shots. This was true into the 40’s. Bing Crosby being the first who did ‘integrated’ long shots and two-shots.

The bad old days, But still available for reference today.

And furthermore:

The Goldwyn Girls – look for Lucille Ball and Paulette Goddard in the line-up of lovelies.

Gregg Toland was the director of photography. Oscar-winning and pioneering new techniques, Toland was a fixture at MGM. When the studio was trying to increase revenue from its lot by making commercials in the late 60’s, we used him for three commercials for 3M.

Some will find surprising dialogue and shots in this clip. That is because The Johnson Code wasn’t sworn to until 1934 and Scandals had finished production for a release on Christmas 1933. Mr Johnson was also the father of the Hollywood Black List, which was very much alive in ’56 and BBDO still had production responsibility for several client shows. This was in the days when clients actually had their names on shows and commercials were typically one-minute long. This now seems like watching Dr Zhivago – you need an intermission.

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