Despite (because of) her loss on Tuesday, Martha Coakley ’75 will run for reelection at the Massachusetts Attorney General.

Despite being stung by her devastating loss to Republican Scott Brown in the US Senate race, Democratic Attorney General Martha Coakley will return to work this week and seek reelection in the fall, aides said.

“She loves her job,” said Coakley spokesman Corey Welford. “It allows her to take on issues she feels passionately about, to fight for people in the state.”

“She is going to run for reelection. Many of the issues she discussed during this campaign are issues she’s already fully engaged in as attorney general — holding Wall Street accountable, taking on predatory lenders, fighting to make health care more affordable for all our citizens,” Welford said.

Does the heavy involvement of a state attorney general in Industry X tend to raise or lower prices in Industry X? Any historians out there?

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