Steve O’Grady ’97 on the future of education:

When I arrived at Williams for my undergrad education, one of the first tests I took was to determine whether or not I needed remedial math. In what the Vatican has since acknowledged as a miracle, it was determined that I did not. So when I say I hadn’t done math since high school, I mean I had not done math since high school. Apart from basic arithmetic and the occasional baseball formulas, anyway.

A quick spin around the web turned up a wealth of resources, but most were either too advanced or too simple, and they were all too boring. Some math I like more than others, and algebra wasn’t high on my list. So it was going to take something reasonably interactive.

At which point I thought of my iPhone.

Searching the app store for “algrebra” turned up dozens of applications; after a bit of research, I picked one by Modality called AlgrebraPrep: Factoring, for a reasonable cost of $2.99.

And was absolutely blown away.

Read the whole thing. What is the point of a lecture class at Williams if high (higher?) quality instruction is available for pennies?

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