Embarrassed that you can’t keep up with hwc, DK, nutz, boltz, ephemera, and the rest of that lovable, argumentative crew who populate the pages of EphBlog?

Chagrined that you don’t know much about political argumentation but know that what you feel is RIGHT?

Pissed that you can’t prove without a shadow of a doubt that Coakley lost the pharmacist vote?

Now … Let THE MASSACHUSETTS MAKE-YOUR-POINT come to the rescue!

You, yes, you can now compare the New York Times map of the election results with easy-to-understand Massachusetts maps of over 100 points on demography, education, income, housing, crime, health and much, much more!

Simply open the NYT map of Mass election returns and this O-Matic-approved site http://riesling.caliper.com/maptitude/massstatsnetversion/(S(p2ktga4505s5vt55omkbbqas))/Map.aspx
and you are ready to compete with the big boys, prove that you are right REGARDLESS OF WHAT OTHERS THINK, and get even with those price-gauging drugstores that don’t even sell booze!

SEND NO MONEY! Let your product team here at O-Matic know what you liked and didn’t like about this new and exciting product. We are gearing up for 2012!!!

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