The Trustees are meeting this week-end. Last year, at this time, I guessed about what they would decided and was (mostly?) correct. This year, I have a much worse sense of things. My speculation:

1) There will be a letter from Bill Wagner on Monday which discusses the Trustee meeting and some of the decisions that have been made. Falk will be mentioned in the letter, but he won’t sign it.

2) Stetson/Sawyer and Weston Field renovations stay postponed. There is just not enough money to do these right now. (I could be wrong about Stetson/Sawyer. I think that Professor Brown has mentioned that, if the College does not act, a lot of the work with regard to permits and whatnot will need to be redone.) I have no problem with these delays. If anything, Stetson/Sawer should be rethought. The College will not need to store tens of thousands of books and journals in the middle of campus a decade from now.

3) Continued crack-down on visiting professors. These are easy to cut and (I think) a poor use of resources. The only exceptions will probably be for languages.

4) Continued increase in class size from 538 to 554, as we already documented. This is a bad idea. (How much happier were you with a single rather than a double?) But the money is too easy to pass up and, when push comes to shove, the people who run Williams don’t really care if 40 extra students go from singles to doubles. However, I bet that this change is not mentioned in the letter. Why alarm the little people?

5) Salary freeze will be mentioned. I don’t have a good sense of whether or not this will be ended or maintained. Predictions? The fairest would be to end the salary freeze for those making less than $75,000 or whatever. But that is just my progressive outlook shining through again . . .

6) I hope that there won’t be any changes with regard to financial aid for international students. Might the College step away from need-blind? Perhaps. Apparently, this has been a hot topic at recent faculty meetings. My guess would be no change, just because the market has bounced back so strongly since last year.

What other topics might be mentioned?

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