Are there felons on the Williams faculty? Former professor Bernard Moore claims (pdf) that there are.


1) !?!?!?!?!?!?!!?

2) The only felon (?) that I can think of is Professor John Eusden (now emeritus) who was involved and, I think, arrested (and charged? and convicted?) during his participation with in civil rights protest marches with Martin Luther King, Jr. Doubt that this is what Moore has in mind . . .

3) Which faculty members does Moore have in mind? I have no idea. Since he was only at Williams for 14 months, it is unlikely that Moore had meaningful conversations with more than a handful (20?) of other faculty members, almost all of whom would have been in political science. Do faculty members brag about their rap sheets in such a context, demonstrating their street cred to the new hire? Is Moore just making stuff up?

4) How would EphBlog investigate this claim? We have a list of faculty members, but I have no idea how to use “public records” to search for someone’s prior felony convictions. Suggestions?

5) If the College has knowingly hired (and continues to employ!) felons, then Moore might have a point . . .

6) If you are a Record reporter working on this story, EphBlog is spelled E-P-H . . .

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