I invite all participants in this forum to consider the example of the Ground Rules of Deep Springs College, as they may pertain to our personal conduct herein:

The Ground Rules

The Student Body has maintained two self-enforced ground rules since 1917: the first prohibits the use of drugs and alcohol; the second prohibits leaving the valley during academic terms except for ranch or college business, religious services, or emergencies. The two rules are intended to preserve the intensity and integrity of a student’s experience at Deep Springs. Besides forcing serious and often difficult discussion among the students over the merits of a seriously sober and intensely focused educational experience, the ground rules represent a long tradition of making difficult sacrifices for a cause that all who come to Deep Springs believe in.

The Student Body discusses and votes on the ground rules each year, forcing serious consideration of the purpose of Deep Springs, the nature of the community, and the importance of civil law. The ground rules are demanding, but in following and enforcing them the Student Body protects the purpose of Deep Springs.

I am not going to withdraw from this Forum because of the behavior I have seen– I am going to change it. We are all, capable of better than this.

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