Two articles describe this weekend’s Stephen Sondheim event in Chapin.  It’s a shame that no podcast of the event is available.  One particularly nice reflection from Sondheim is described in the North Adams Transcript article:

Sondheim held back tears during a college event Saturday night in Chapin Hall, as he talked about the influence his alma mater had on his decision to become a composer and lyricist in the American theater.

“Williams changed my life,” the 1950 graduate said.

Sondheim, who began at the college as an English major, spoke about taking classes taught by Robert Barrow, who was a music professor at the time.

“He did something revolutionary. He took the romance out of music,” Sondheim said.

Barrow taught that everything was about how music works and how it’s an art, he said.

Around the same time Sondheim was taking his first class with Barrow, he also took an art class in which the professor taught how art was a structured and conscious effort.

“Since I have a puzzle mind, it hit me at the right time,” Sondheim said.

He said those lessons came back to him when he worked on “Sunday in the Park with George.”

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