The Republican response to the State of the Union speech was given in the Virginia State capital building by the newly elected governor. The Virginia legislature is the oldest in the Western hemisphere (1609).

Without any comment on the response which by design does not specifically reference the State of the Union speech, I add to your enjoyment (or not) of the response with this sidebar on the setting in which it was given

Thomas Jefferson is credited with the architectural design of the new Virginia State Capital building, which was modeled after the Maison Carrée at Nîmes in southern France, an ancient Roman temple. Jefferson had the architect, Charles-Louis Clérisseau, substitute the Roman Ionic Order over the more ornate Corinthian column designs of the prototype in France. The General Assembly first met in the building in October, 1792.

Yes, bring back those memories of Whit Stoddard and drawing the orders in your notebook. And the interpretation that Doric was suggestive of strength and simplicity, Ionic of elegance and education, and Corinthian of affluence and power.

Jefferson used architecture as a subtle statement of his own style.

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