If you check the Record webpage right now, you get:

Please excuse any technical difficulties you may experience while browsing the Record’s website over the next 48 hours. We are finalizing the import of the entirety of our electronic archive, which encompasses all issues from 1997 to 2010.


1) Who deserves the most credit for this project? Out going editor-in-chief Lina Khan? New editor-in-chief Yue-Yi Hwa? Whoever it is, major kudos! This is an irreplaceable resources for anyone interested in All Things Eph.

2) I am not sure if the project is done, but, skimming through the archives, I can see that they have already made a huge amount of progress.

3) I hope that they will be able to classify articles by author. Check out this op-ed by me. The “By” field is empty. Being able to find all the articles by a specific reporter was a handy feature. Presumably, this is on the list . . .

4) I have vague memories that at least 6 months or a year of electronic records were “lost” around the turn of the century. True? I will be very impressived if they can restore those articles.

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