Consider current enrollments (highlighted by hwc) in some psychology classes.

PSYC 101   Introductory Psychology                                  155
PSYC 201   Experimentation and Statistics                            19
PSYC 221   Cognitive Psychology                                      55
PSYC 242   Social Psychology                                         55
PSYC 252   Psychological Disorders                                   55
PSYC 272   The Psychology of Education                               51

Now, as always, this data is difficult to work with. I think that there may be many more students enrolled in PSYC 201 than 19, but that there are multiple sections. In any event, there is no excuse for a Williams major to consist of so many large lecture courses. Why not just go to Penn State? If you do not have a dozen or more substantive interactions with each of your professors over the course of a semester, you aren’t really getting a Williams education.

Why are these classes so large? How rigorously are they taught?

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