So says Will Slack ’11:

It’s when I’m sitting for hours in the Gibson room, discovering the depths of a new friendship.

It’s when I sit surrounded by friends on all sides and 130 more people, just to hear someone tell their story.

It’s when I can knock on a near-stranger’s door and have a pleasant conversation at 1 am.

IMAGE: It’s when I can get academic credit for snoeshoing into a beautiful back-country camp, and writing about the interesting people I met there.

It’s when I see Goodrich filled to capacity, just to hear a few students of varying ability play their original works of music.

It’s when I’m sitting with graduates of the early 1940s, and hearing their stories of Williams from an era so long past.

It’s when I can have a real conversation with a trustee at my college.

It’s when I and joyful when friends return from abroad, and when the thought of them leaving gives me a tear.

So say we all.

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