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Pasachoff on Cape Wind

A New York Times letter to the editor:

When you called for Interior Secretary Ken Salazar to make his own decision on the Cape Wind project soon after the March 1 deadline, I was hoping that you would call for him to kill this irresponsible project.

Most people don’t realize that it would take about a half dozen of these similarly environmentally blighting huge wind projects to match the output of a single nuclear power plant that would take up much less space and be much less visible. And the problem of the irregularity of the wind’s blowing has not yet been solved, while a nuclear plant’s output is steady.

Jay M. Pasachoff
Williamstown, Mass.

1) How does Professor Pasachoff get so many letters published in the Times? (Examples here, here and here.) Does he write dozens of them? Do very few other people bother to write? Is there some connection to David Shipley ’85, editor of the op-ed page?

2) Pasachoff is, unsurprisingly, correct about wind energy.

3) How many other Williams professors are fans of nuclear power?