Winter Study ended last Thursday.

1) Note that Winter Study this year went through Thursday whereas last year (and in previous year’s?), it ended on Wednesday. Why the change? I think that this was a result of the faculty meeting last spring which extended Claiming Williams for another year. The part of the faculty that was suspicious of Claiming Williams decided that it did not like giving up a day of instruction for the exercise. There was no easy way to add that day “back in” to the second semester, so they extended Winter Study by one day.

2) Did any students notice/care that Dead Week was one day shorter? Did many (any?) Winter Study classes actually meet on that last Thursday?

3) Claiming Williams is this Thursday. My predictions last year were wrong. Hundreds (over 1,000?) students participated in the events, including ludicrous Tim Wise. Shows what I know about student preferences! But what will happen this year? Here is the schedule. Which events do you recommend? Which do you think will be most popular?

4) Although I have not seen it, I recommend In Our Own Words.

This 2009 documentary film explores Williams student experiences with socioeconomic class, race and ethnicity, the treatment of women on weekends, and the first-year/Junior Advisor (JA) system.

This 80-minute film offers an insider’s glimpse into the perspectives and experiences of Williams students. Produced by the Williams Office of Strategic Planning and Institutional Diversity in 2009, the film uses clips from focus groups and interviews to reveal four areas of concern: socioeconomic class, race/ethnicity, the treatment of women on weekends, and the first-year entry/Junior Advisor system. A 20-minute discussion led by producer Dr. Christina Cruz follows the film.

Here is the e-mail that I sent to the Claiming Williams organizers.


I, and other alums, would like to view In Our Own Words. Unfortunately, we are not going to be on campus during Claiming Williams. Would it be possible to view it some other time? Or remotely?


Dave Kane ’88

They haven’t responded yet. Do you think they will?

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