If Bowdoin can afford to be No Loans, then Williams can too.

Williams College announced plans to revoke its no-loan financial aid policy on Sunday, citing a $500 million drop in its endowment over the past three years, increasing financial aid expenditures, and unstable economic conditions.

In response, President Barry Mills said that Bowdoin has no immediate plans to eliminate its own no-loan policy. Speaking at Monday’s faculty meeting, he affirmed his commitment to the policy, stating that any changes would only be considered in light of economic conditions rather than peer schools’ decisions.

“The no-loan program is certainly among the things to look at if we decided we needed to make adjustments based on the economy,” he said in an interview with the Orient.

“But…we wouldn’t move back just because the competitors allowed us to move back, merely to save money,” he added.

Perhaps Williams is using this policy change as an excuse to solicit a major gift? Surely, there must be an alum willing to write a $50 million dollar check to guarantee no-loans forever . . .

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