This WSO discussion is excellent. Minor point:

Hey Patrick, I don’t know if you got a chance to watch the “In Our Own Words” movie but it has a lot of Williams people desribing their own incidents of unsafety/discrimination.. about women on campus being raped/sexually assaulted, racist slurs being thrown etc

I’m sure Prof. Wendy Raymond would be happy to lend it out.

Don’t be so sure. I am interested in this topic and asked Professor Raymond for permission to view the video. She refused. If I could not attend one of the public showings, I was out of luck. If Patrick can’t attend the public showings (are anymore scheduled this semester?), he can’t learn about the views/experiences of Williams students.

Remember that e-mail I sent to the Claiming Williams committee? They never responded. Is it any wonder that (some) white males don’t bother with Claiming Williams?

This is a small example of why white males like me don’t feel welcome at events associated with faculty members like Wendy Raymond.

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