Greg Crowther '95 at mile 40 of 100

Greg Crowther '95 at mile 40 of 100

Congratulations to Greg Crowther ’95, who won the Rocky Raccoon 100-mile trail race! He ran just under 15 hours for the distance, his first ever 100-mile race. An excerpt from Greg’s race writeup:

You could say that my day at the Rocky Raccoon 100 was foreshadowed by the movie I watched on Friday with my aunt and uncle: Avatar. It was really long, had lots of running through the woods, was about a guy whose legs ceased to function and who wished for a new body, and included much pain and suffering followed by a happy ending.

The story of my race could also be told in part by the split times of my 20-mile laps: 2:38, 2:42, 2:50, 3:04 … and 3:45. Most of the last lap was in the dark, but at the rate I was moving then, darkness was hardly an impediment.


Before long we were sailing along the final straightaway, a couple hundred meters long. “Number 169 is finishing!” I yelled to the race officials. As Paul and I finished in 14:58, I raised his hand in triumph, for the victory belonged to him too — as it did to John and to my uncle Chris, who crewed for me thoughout the day, and to Paul’s wife Meredith, who assisted Chris after placing 2nd in the 50-mile race.

Race director Joe Prusaitis emerged from the darkness. “You ran a great race!” he enthused. “No, YOU ran a great race!” I said, poking him in the chest with my index finger. “That was REALLY well organized!”

Fast, and humble, too! What a marvelous Eph. (Click the link above for a picture of his very unique rusty metal trophy — and for a recap of everything that happened in the middle of the race.)

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