FYI (who is anonymous but seems quite knowledgeable about faculty thinking) writes:

From objecting to the day care center to complaining about Williams giving money to local schools, David again and again shows that he is always willing to first cut things that make Williams an appealing and pleasant place to work. He will then point out that these things are a waste of money because most faculty couldn’t find good jobs elsewhere. His vision is clear, and I can promise you that it would make Williams a far far worse place for faculty, staff, and students. Fortunately, no one who matters takes him serious or even pays much attention.

And isn’t that too bad. If Williams had listened to me and avoided wasting money on boondoggles like the day care center or the local schools, then it would have money available for faculty raises this year. Alas, we wasted that money, so now faculty get no raises.

Which do you think faculty would prefer: raises or school/day-care spending?

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