Lots of interesting data here (archive here). No complaints from me about the quality of those charts. (Note that 19 was chosen as the maximum number for a large portion of Williams classes to help increase our US News ranking since percentage of classes with fewer than 20 students matters in the formula.)

Suggestion: I am most curious about seeing this data from a student’s point of view. Every student takes 32 classes, more or less. What is the average class size for those 32? Or, just looking at a given year, every student at Williams in 2008-2009 took 8 classes, thereby generating a total of around 16,000 student-in-a-class experiences. What was the average class size for those 16,000 “golden tickets?” I suppose that I could create this information myself by transforming the data in some way . . . suggestions welcome.

And, as always, my suggestion is No More Lectures. We can’t go there immediately, of course, but I would like to see Adam Falk break up the 19 classes with more than 50 students. Just do what ECON does and offer multiple sections of these (mostly) introductory classes.

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