Original here, archive here. What items do you find the most surprising? Which would you reverse if you could?

Other current spending by 57%
(Resulted mostly from 2008-09 being the last of a multi-year pledge to the Northern Berkshire Healthcare capital campaign.) $325,000

Does this mean that the faculty is satisfied with North Adams Regional Hospital? I suspect that they are not. Recall that the Presidential Search Prospectus tells us:

A recent study showed that over the previous ten years Williams had made annual financial contributions in the community that averaged more than $500,000 and additional one-time contributions of $5 million.

That would suggest annual spending of $750,000. Have we now cut that in half? Good. That is one step in the direction that I suggested.

Many readers attack me for being anti-faculty because I think that the College should donate much less money to local non-profits. Well, the Williams Administration (Morty, Wagner, Lenhart, Trustees) just decided to donate hundreds of thousands of dollars less to local non-profits than Williams has in the past. Are they anti-faculty too?

Graduate Art Program reduced visiting lectures and financial aid, and other savings $135,000

Williams should provide zero financial aid to graduate students in Art (and at the CDE). We are a undergraduate institution, first and foremost.

Course Development stipends were reduced $100,000

Who says that the Administration does not listen to me? This is a great example of a total boondoggle, paying the faculty extra money to do their jobs.

Needless to say, the Administration does not listen to me. But they sure seem to end up doing a lot of the things that I recommend! And that’s because the budget is a zero sum game, millions of dollars must be cut and reasonable Ephs will often agree on what is least important to Williams.

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