The co-op housing draw is tonight. Will Slack ’11 writes:

We’re pretty blessed by the [Williams housing] situation, and in visiting Milham, Doughty, Chadbourne, Woodbridge, Lambert, and Susie over the past two days, I saw just how great the Cream-of-the-Crop is. Milham: beautiful, especially the mantelpieces. Susie: luxuriously large. Woodbridge: a true home. Lambert: a small house with big rooms. Doughty: just plain old gorgeous, with a piano in the huge common room. Chadbourne: cozy, with a great location.

Indeed. Will also (because of the good words that EphBlog put in for him with Campus Life) has a great housing pick. Can anyone tell us how many rising seniors applied for the co-op draw? More comments below.

1) Looks like College Council Co-Presidents Mike Tcheyan ‘10 and Lizzy Brickley ‘10 failed in their attempts to increase the number of co-op slots. Maybe next year.

2) I was the first to implement the idea of using Willipedia to share information about the co-op room draw process. But this year’s students have been especially efficient, both in the way that they organized the data and in the number of people participating. Kudos!

3) Note that the haphazard nature of the current process generates mismatches between group sizes and house sizes. The number one group is picking into Milham. Wonderful! I am sure that they will have a fine time together. But they are only 7 people while Milham has 9 beds. Who will live in the final two spots?

We all hope that it works out. That the two people who get those spots want to live with the 7 already in Milham and that those 7 want the two additions. But, unfortunately, things do not always work out so nicely. And, even if things work out in Milham, will they work out in Susie Hopkins, Chadbourne, Woodbridge and so on?

Much better would be my plan (pdf) featuring group sizes that are, prior to the draw, matched to the available house sizes.

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