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Wrestling Update: JV NEWA Results

Good morning wrestling fans. Today’s topic is the results of the New England Wrestling Association’s (NEWAs) JV tournament that was held on Sunday February 14th at Springfield College.

Before we get to the results, let me first congratulate all of the JV wrestlers. The JV wrestlers are the unsung heroes of the team. Theirs is a difficult task: they go to practice each day and work as hard as the varsity athlete, pushing themselves and their practice partners to improve and to get their shot at varsity status in “wrestle offs” (i.e., matches between wrestlers at the same weight class for purposes of selecting the varsity wrestler). JV wrestlers have to manage their weight and go through the same physical and mental preparation to be ready to compete on match day (e.g., in case the coach wants to manipulate the lineup to create favorable match ups between select wrestlers, or to step in should an injury occur). In dual meets, JV wrestlers often compete in “exhibitions” (a match where the outcome does not accumulate toward the team score) against the opponents JV wrestlers.

Williams sent twelve of its wrestlers to complete in the tournament. Overall, they had a very successful tournament with half of the team placing (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and two 5th place finishes).

At Heavyweight, it was an all Williams’ final pitting teammates Nikola Mirkovic against Colin Curzi. Mirkovic won an exciting 7-4 decision to take 1st with Curzi taking 2nd. At 133, Kiason Tanabe went 3-1 to take 3rd place. Kyle Martin went 2-2 and took 4th place at 157. Taking 5th place was Scott Sanderson at 157 (going 3-2) and Rob Brackup (going 4-2) at 165. The following wrestlers went 2-2 on the day and just missed placing; Anthony Miceli at 141 and Sam Brinkley at 149. Also competing for Williams but falling in closely contested matches included Brian Kim at 149, Paul Fraulo and Zeb Levine at 165 and Mir Henglin at 174.

Guys, congratulations on a great tournament and thank you for all you do for the team!

My next post will preview this weekend’s NEWA Tournament that qualifies wrestlers for NCAA Nationals.

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#1 Comment By David On February 17, 2010 @ 9:27 am

1) Thanks for the update! Don’t forget to classify your posts under “Athletics” or whatever.

2) Hooray for Paul Fraulo, one of my students.

#2 Comment By wrestling fan On February 17, 2010 @ 9:30 am

will do. Do I simply type in “Athletics” in the tag box?

#3 Comment By PTC On February 17, 2010 @ 9:31 am

Wrestingfan- Thanks!

I am looking forward to your in depth analysis of the New Englands. I have been chatting with several wrestling buddies of mine, and we think Williams can do well in Nationals this year… but I have not had time to really look at the potential brackets and see the odds.

How many of the Wrestlers do you think will get seeded in the top 3? That is clutch… because the 4th seed has the 1st seed in his bracket- making the finals will be key for winning as well as drawing a wild card.

Thanks for the update. How many guys will draw top 3 seeds… and do you see any sleepers who have the potential to have good days and give surprising results?

#4 Comment By David On February 17, 2010 @ 9:35 am

No. Don’t use tags. Select the “Athletics” category from list of choices.

Also, for future posts:

1) Link to college news releases, pictures, whatever. Very few readers monitor those feeds. Just highlight the text you want to use, click on the “link” button, then paste the url in.

2) Posting pictures (from Williams, parents or wrestlers) would also be excellent. Just click the “media” button, upload the photo and insert it in the post. It is fairly easy.

#5 Comment By wrestlingfan On February 17, 2010 @ 11:18 am

The seeds will be released on Friday. Based on the last set of rankings, I see Williams getting the one seed at 141, 157 and 197 and the two seed at 149. We could also get one or two thirds and perhaps a fourth.

In a typical tournament the four seed is a killer because of the fact that you could meet the one seed in the semis. In the NEWA tournament format, it is less of an issue as it is true wrestle back. A loss does not preclude one from coming back and winning the tournament and going to nationals.

It works like this (it’s a bit confusing).

a. You have the traditional “championship” and “consolation” brackets.

b. The “day finals” pit the two wrestlers who won out on the championship bracket. The victor is the “day finals” winner and the loser waits for the winner of the consolation bracket.

c. The winner of the consolation bracket (who would be the third place finisher in a traditional tournament format) wrestles the loser of the championship bracket (who would be the second place finisher in a traditional tournament format) for the right to wrestle the day finals winner in the night finals.

d. The night finals consist of the winner of the day finals and the winner of the day finals loser and consolation bracket winner.

e. If the day finals winner already defeated his opponent (which would always be the case if the day finals loser wins the match against the consolation bracket winner), he has to be beaten twice. It is called the “If” match and is wrestled at the conclusion of the evening (subject to appropriate rest time), “if” necessary.

f. If the day finals winner has yet to wrestle his night finals opponent, then the match is straight up winner take all.

This format is only used by the NEWA and the philosophy behind it is to enhance the probability that the best wrestler wins and represents the conference at nationals.

#6 Comment By PTC On February 18, 2010 @ 3:00 am


Sounds a lot like the “bad point” system used in free style. I prefer the cleaner format myself… being “old school”… but this is good to go, gets a better metric of where these grapplers fall out.. still, there is something to having a “good” or “bad” day…