Sir Ernest Shackleton’s whiskey freed from South Pole ice after 100 years!

The whiskey was abandoned when the expedition had to stop the mission.

Read more about Shackleton of The Endurance while you curse the weather in Washington and other points heading North.

and about the distillery who may be able to recover a disappeared brand and taste.

No Williams connection at all, as noted in the escher furniture post comment of a few days ago. Purely cocktail chatter. While a great many of the directly Williams-related posts are extremely interesting and produce many comments, I find a steady diet too content-rich for my aged digestive system. I try to throw in a piece of candy, the occasional cookie. or even, God help us, a spoonful of sugar to help the medicine blahblah.

Were we from Penn, the head would have been “Drink a Highball at Nightfall”.

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