Here (pdf) are the evaluations from the students in my Winter Study course. I am pleased with the results. The College also distributes to all instructors the same data for the 600 students who filled out the form. I asked for permission to post this summary data but was denied. That seems silly since there is nothing embarrassing in there, but I don’t post such documents without permission, so readers who care are out of luck.

I also think that the College should make public the student evaluations for all Winter Study classes. First, the more information that Williams provides to students, the better the choices they will make. Students who don’t want to work 20+ hours per week should not take a class with that sort of workload. Second, to the extent that certain instructors are doing a poor job, the more people — especially faculty — who know about, the more likely that the problem will be fixed.

What is the argument for not making these student survey results public, at least for Winter Study classes?

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