From Cathy Paper ’89:

Brainstorming requires all types of people at the table. Whether you are coming up with a new name, a new company, a new approach or a new product. I have always found it energizing to collaborate with others to create something new and innovative.

My daughter needed a new mouthguard. My husband took her to buy one and she picked out a new ShockDoctor in pink. He happened to tell her that her mom, that’s me, had named the product. She wasn’t sure what to make of that. It was in a big store and had a whole wall of products with that same name, ShockDoctor. Not that she doesn’t think I’m super smart and all, but I think it was a lot to comprehend since I’m her mom.

Indeed. My wife, Cathy’s classmate, goes through a similar experience with our daughters whenever one of her patients comes up to her in public to discuss some issue.

We ought to add Cathy’s blog to Eph Planet.

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