In our can’t-end-too-soon discussion of deletion policy at EphBlog, Jeff makes a critical point.

There are two types of bouncers. There is the big, scary dude in a biker jacket who curses at everyone, keeps people he has personal gripes with out of the bar for no good reason, and tries to be intimidating by virtue of his girth. And then, there is Patrick Swayze in “Roadhouse.” If you want to be a bouncer that makes Ephblog a better place, rather than the petulant bitch fest it often turns into, I suggest you forego the prior model of bouncer-dom, and BLS (be like Swayze).

I apologize for my seeming inability to cease my involvement in this idiotic discussion. But I felt that my Swayze epiphany warranted sharing.

Indeed! Surely this is the Eph-epiphany of the month. Consider:

New EphBlog motto: Where no one is too stupid to have a good time!

Swayze-aficionados will recall that the Dalton character was a philosophy major. Alas, he attended NYU and not Williams, although, if memory serves, Professor Alan White ran his 300-level seminars in a similar fashion. Perhaps this was what he meant that time in PHIL 308: After Philosophy in the spring of 1988.

[Insert Ken Thomas lecture (in German!) about After Virtue by Alasdair MacIntyre.]

PS. And, obviously, one sign that you are a great professor is that your students remember your classes more than 20 years later . . .

PPS. Post edited by request.

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