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An open letter to DDF …


Like many, I was surprised at your decision!

You are the Father Founder of EphBlog, the most successful independent blog dedicated to one collegiate entity. This is one heck of an accomplishment. Thank you from all of us for giving so many a chance to chime in under the banner of Williams.

You have taken a well-earned vacation before, February, 2009, as a matter of fact. And those of us lazy and occasional scribblers suddenly knew what you had been doing from the inception of the blog: filling a month (thank goodness it was Leap Year) with interesting material.

My hope is that you will not desert these pages entirely. but will from time-to-time add an insight and create awareness of a particular situation that might go unnoticed.

The board knows of your desire to have EphBlog be a broader forum including more students, faculty, and members of the administration, in addition to the alumni and parents and other members of the Williams family at large.

We see this step on your part as a challenge to make this happen. And make it happen under our own steam.

Thank you, David, for giving us this strong base from which to expand to that greater audience you have envisioned.

Dick Swart 1956