The pure number and strength of the writing in the comments on David Kane’s leaving EphBlog are proof of what one person can create and grow.

Perhaps this outpouring of support, however grudgingly given in some cases, will persuade David to return to us in some manner.

However, there is no question that EphBlog is changing.

This is the time, as we move forward, for creative inputs from you on future direction, management style, and how to maintain our steady stream of writings.

This is the time for creative inputs in the form of postings from you who have something to say. but haven’t chosen to say it as yet.

This is the time for creative inputs from you with programming, formatting, and other technical knowledge and skills, to offer that particular expertise that only you can do.

This is the time for us all to move forward. A decision has been made that presents a challenge to us all.

But the decision and its background are not the focus that we need to have. We need to focus on moving forward to making EphBlog the best that it can be as a forum for many and diverse topics and points of view.

Please let us hear from you.

Dick Swart
dick at
541 386 1061


One of the apochrypha handed out to aspiring managers:

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