WCMA currently has an exhibition titled Landscapes of the Mind.

Co-curated by Psychology Professor Betty Zimmerberg and Interim Curator Kathryn Price, the show features the work of four artists who, in very different ways, draw their inspiration from the inner landscape of the brain.

The  piece featured here, is by artist Jessica Rankin, whose embroideries on organdy, are inspired by neurological activity.

Andrew Carnie , on the other hand, “demonstrates the birth and differentiation of brain cells” by projecting images in the darkened Rotunda. Katy Schimert uses a variety of materials, ranging from wire mesh, to light bulbs, to build installations modeled on brain structures. And finally,  Susan Aldworth’s etchings were initially inspired by seeing images of her own brain during her stint as a neurology patient.

Jenny Tang reviews the show for The Record , while Charles Bonenti at The Berkshire Eagle explores the artists’ backgrounds and processes.

The museum is also featuring a series of events around the exhibition, one of which is a symposium on March 13th, featuring a  discussion on the intersections of art and science.

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