With the recent announcement of football coach Mike Whalen moving to Wesleyan, there is a possibility that Coach DiCenzo, who has been an assistant football coach and head wrestling coach for several years, may leave as well. 

Coach DiCenzo leaving Williams would be a serious blow to the football and wrestling programs.   Below is an email that was distributed to football team parents.  It was subsequently circulated to the wrestling team parents.  PLEASE take a moment to write or call the Athletic Director with your support of Coach DiCenzo. 

Thank you!

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“You all know that Coach Whalen is leaving for Wesleyan. That will be a significant loss to the football program and all of us personally. However, there is a very strong likelihood that Coach Dan DiCenzo will go with Mike to Wesleyan unless we all take immediate steps to let Williams know how we feel.

If Mike was the brains and backbone of Williams football, Dan DiCenzo is the heart of the team. If you haven’t seen it for yourself, ask your son.

The entire Williams coaching staff is exemplary, but Dan has distinguished himself by what he’s done over the last six years at Williams and deserves to be the head football coach. Dan’s resume includes stints with Trinity, Brown, and the Kansas City Chiefs, but Williams is his alma mater and that is where he has had his biggest impact. He is the best motivator on the team and knows each player personally and what makes them tick. He has a consummate knowledge of the game. Dan was a standout player at Williams and knows the system as both a player and a coach. He is the best recruiter in the NESCAC. His organizational skills are unparalleled. But most important is the emotion that he brings—he inspires his players; they love him and
want to play for him.

Dan is also the head wrestling coach and has done a phenomenal job with that program as well. If Williams loses Dan, they will have to hire two people to replace him.

If WE lose Dan DiCenzo, we lose more than a coach, we lose the foundation of our football program.

Dan has a definite offer at Wesleyan, but he wants to stay and be the head coach at Williams. In all likelihood, Williams will conduct an extensive national search. Dan will put himself through that process if he knows he is the top internal candidate.

Please contact the Athletic Director, Harry Sheehy, as soon as possible to let him know that he should do everything possible to retain Dan DiCenzo and consider him a top candidate to replace Mike Whalen as the head football coach at Williams.  If you have personal stories of what Dan has done for your son or your family make sure to share them.

Coach Sheehy’s number is: 413-597-2366
His email is: hsheehy at williams dot edu

Also, reach out to Dan DiCenzo and let him know how much he means to this team.
Dan’s number is: cell 860-463-8868  office: 413-597-3573
His email is: Dan.DiCenzo-II at williams dot edu

If you know of any alumni, former players or parents or anyone who could influence this process, please share this email with them. Encourage them to contact college administration or trustees as well.

Please do everything you can to make sure that Dan DiCenzo is walking our sideline (and wrestling mats) next season as head coach.”

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