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Random purple noise topic of the week: what are your favorite all-time comedy sketches?  I’d rank mine: 1.Pre-taped Call in Show (the last minute is just incredible), 2. Charlie Murphy meets Prince (see below), 3. Triumph at Star Wars, 4. Clinton at McDonald’s (I SO miss Phil Hartman), 5. Black White Supremacist, 6. Mercury Mistress, 7. The Audition, 8. Dick in a Box, 9. I’m [censored] Affleck / Damon, 10. Royal Deluxe II.  (Bad Idea Jeans, Citizen Kane, Bag O’ Glass, Wycked Sceptre, Celebrity Jeopardy, More Cowbell, Racial Draft and Ministry of Silly Walks were all strong contenders as well).

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