Two days ago, I posted an embedded version of a video containing a fascinating lecture by Prof. Sarah Bolton, regarding the Physics of Musical Instruments. Some of our readers were very appreciative of the video being made available, and had nice things to say about the impressive content on Williams’ YouTube channel. I watched the first part of the “Physics of Musical Instruments”, and intended to watch the whole thing this weekend, when I would have time to really pay attention to the lecture. I was very impressed that Williams was making such fascinating, intellectually stimulating content available on the web. The experience of other colleges has shown that making such material available provides a lot of low-cost marketing and engagement for the college with alumni, parents, and prospective students, and has no real downside.

Just now, as I went to click Play on the video, I got the following message: “This is a private video. If you have been sent this video, please make sure you accept the sender’s friend request”

I have no idea how to gain access to the video now. When I click on the link to the original page on YouTube, I get a large exclamation mark with the message “This video is private.”

WTF, Williams?

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