I have been thinking about doing this post for quite a while. Initially, it seemed like a natural follow-up to Dorm Living, and then I was reminded of it when Tiny Dancer posted her lovely tribute to her JA partner, and most recently, Swart’s coming-to-the-rescue of his lovelorn pal and college roommate, Rechtal, finally got me to here.

My original intention was to post something fairly fleshed out. After all, if you google the subject of “Roommates”, a veritable cornucopia of sites, books, rants and blogs appear. But, since I don’t have the time and/or ability to focus on a detailed post, I offer this simple musing instead.

As evidenced by my Google search, the whole roommate topic is a rich one. One of the funniest things that came up was a recent book titled I Lick My Cheese. We’ve all heard the horror stories about the roomies from hell. The ones who steal your food, or help themselves to your closet. I once had a flatmate who borrowed a blouse and decided to cut a few inches off the bottom of it so it would better suit her, I kid you not. That same gal borrowed my favorite earrings (without asking) and lost one.  And then seemed so flabbergasted that I was peeved with her . Definitely put a damper on the relationship.

But, then, there are the good stories, the lifelong friendships that can result from a random pairing. Swart and Rechtal, for example. And my husband’s very best friend was one of his college roomies. And, I am certain my son will remain friends with the roommates he has had at Williams.

So, really, this post is a chance to hear your stories. From roommates to entry mates, to flat mates, feel free to share, or maybe even confess. Did you “lick your cheese”, or padlock the refrigerator? Or instead, were you the lucky recipient of a pairing that led to a real bond?

I have also heard that playing practical jokes on one’s roomie is a popular pastime, so feel free to share those remembrances as well. You may end up inspiring current students.

And, if there is anyone who has inside information on how the freshman room and entry mate decisions are made at the college, please share it. I have always wondered about that process.

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