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Mission basketball photographer responds

The recent photo ID of the basketball court near Mission drew over 50 comments, speculating on the room from which the photo was taken, the day of the year, and the time of day in addition to other reminiscences about the site. The photographer, Dread Pirate Ruth, responds:

As if on cue, and only one week late, the photographer finally catches up with this thread.

Here is the story behind the photo. (You may be disappointed to know that it has little to do with calculating the height of the basketball hoops, and I have no idea what time my camera was set for.)

It was taken from my room in Dennett (far east side of Mission), on the second floor — the room just east of the common room on the back side. (So only about 5 rooms in from the very end of the building.) I was actually a JA in Mission at the time, so I did most of my work from my room rather than in the library or the geology building.

Actually, because Mission has those HUGE windows, and because I happen to be a pretty small person, I turned my long window sill into a window seat, and I would at the window to get work done.

This was just one of those post-brunch Sundays where the view was too beautiful to believe. Most of my closest Williams friends had just left to study abroad that semester, but I remember looking out the window that afternoon and just not wanting to be anywhere else.

I still miss that window seat, incidentally. Glad I could share it with all of you! Sorry I hopped on the thread so late that many of you probably won’t see the explanation.

Hence, bumped to the front page so that no one will miss it! Thanks to Ruth, and to all the other commenters for such a lively discussion.