Hey dudes, I was so surprised to find that I, Mimi Mimosa, Class of ’12 had won the coveted Quincy Van der Menthe Award for Overseas Study in the Sanitation Industry that I almost, as my roomie Rhonda would put it, “plotzed”.

Yay! a summer in Catalonia working for S.H.I.T! How was it? Muy Magnifico! The people in Terrassa, like, scrubbed the arches of the Masia Frixa BY HAND! Ooooooow!

But when I showed up in my Lili Pulitzer Pandemonium mini with my Manolas, they were amazed! You know how the Spanish are – all hands. Well, after that part was over, I demonstrated the one-handed squeeze mop, invented by some alum. I guess, and it was their turn to ‘plotz’!

Who’d a thought, huh?

Well, just a few months more and it’s maternity leave for me this summer.

Hasta la vista!!!! (I don’t have that thingy that turns the exclamation points upside down)



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