UPDATED STATUS:   Diff says we are all normal.  I have my doubts.  If you’re going to have a virtual drive fail and loose two hours of your life (don’t you love IT?),   WiFi in the Snack Bar is not the worst place (compared to,  say,  a sketchy neighborhood in Antwerp or Mexico City,  where you don’t know where the WiFi is).

There is,  of course– the moment when I look around at all the laptops– and look at the two in front of me,  and glance to the one to the right,  where I’m chatting with a ’00 through the last of this.   And then I remember Baxter,  and the PX-8,  and trying to bridge the distance to my friends in Helsinki.

Sometimes our dreams do come true.  Though I am now in the Snack Bar far later than my bedtime.

WAS: Hello. Sorry to bother. We’re having some minor, er, major difficulties here. Not to worry too much. I have backups (I think). Please do not rely on us until further notice. Please exercise caution and save your own versions if possible.

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