• In May, once [and future?] Congressman Ed Case ’75 is hoping to recapture a seat in the House and, in the process, avoid contributing to another special election disaster (from a Democratic perspective).  He and another Democrat are threatening to split the vote and allow a GOP’er to capture a heavily Democratic district.  Although Case is far more well-known than either of his opponents, he burned a LOT of local bridges with his decision to wage an ultimately unsuccessful primary battle against long-term Senator Daniel Akaka.  Even still, Case is leading in the polls.
  • Chris Murphy ’96 is in the opposite situation: a Democrat in a district that has long leaned Republican.  As such, he faces an uphill battle in defending his vote in favor of the health care bill.  If anyone can do it, however, it is the  always articulate, personable, and down-to-earth Murphy.  If you ever wanted to see action shots of an Eph Congressman, click on that link for an oddly voluminous slide show of Murphy in mid-sentence.
  • Meanwhile, Murphy’s classmate Walker Stapleton, who hails from an impressive political lineage on both sides of his family, is diving into politics with his run for Colorado GOP State Treasurer.
  • Op-Ed from Senator Mark Udall ’72 concerning renewable energy. 
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