The Record RSS feed has been showing a 5-year-old story on top for the last couple of months. I’ve used the contact form on the Record website to notify them about this issue at least twice, and have not receive any response – not even an acknowledgment that they’ve received my message and are aware of the issue. Does anyone even read messages submitted via the contact form?

I’ve noticed recently that the Record has started to run ads on its pages. Good for them. We’d like to link to Record stories more often and send more viewers to the site, but it makes it a lot easier for us to link to your articles when you have an RSS feed that works. Most of the news and blog sites I visit daily, I visit via RSS feeds and/or Twitter. If your RSS feed is broken and you don’t have a twitter account, you are essentially off the radar. Which might be fine for a personal blog, but is hardly a good idea for a news publication that is apparently trying to earn money from advertising.

And this isn’t a personal or EphBlog-specific complaint. All of the readers who are likely to link to your stories on their own blogs, or share them on Facebook, or on Twitter, or elsewhere, are also the readers who are most likely to be using feeds to organize their information flow. These are the active, engaged readers you are losing when you have a non-working RSS feed.

PS: I should note also that the Record seems to have no social media presence. No Facebook page or Twitter account as far as I can see. Something to think about… but first, before you get onto those platforms, fix your feed. Get the basics right, at least.

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