Commencement speaker Jay McInerney ’76 debuts today as the Wall Street Journal’s wine columnist.  He leads off with a doozy of an anecdote:

My first experience with a sparkling pink wine took place on a blanket on the lawn at Tanglewood in the company of a girl named Joan Coughlin. The Who were onstage performing “Tommy” and the warm summer air was perfumed with incense and cannabis smoke. The wine in question, Cold Duck, was, I discovered much later, composed of two parts New York State sparkling wine and one part California bulk red wine. I eventually learned to turn up my nose at Cold Duck, but I think my fond memories of that evening may have something to do with my abiding enthusiasm for rosé Champagne.

1)  The Who played at least twice at Tanglewood, in 1969 and 1970, which is in the right time frame.  McInerney may even have picked up one of these sharp pins while at the show.  Fun fact: a concert by the Who was apparently once a musically and culturally valuable experience.

2) Cold Duck is highly suspicious stuff.  Avoid if at all possible.

The rest of the column is a paean to expensive pink bubbly, especially the Dom Pérignon Rosé, which is apparently the “911 Turbo” of the wine world.  (Hip reference!)  Read the whole thing if you like creepy Julianne Moore name drops and doctor dissing.  More commentary from Gawker here.

McInerney will also be blogging about wine for the WSJ here, if you’re interested.

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