Former (thankfully) Williams Professor Grant Farred is, unsurprisingly, embroiled in yet another campus controversy — this time at Cornell, where he referred to two Cornell students as “black bitches.” This comment is consistent with Farred’s general lack of respect for students, not to mention his fondness for employing inflammatory racial language and/or ideas (previously directed at white students — I’ll give him this much credit, at least he is an equal opportunity asshole).  KC Johnson provides, as usual, thorough reporting and analysis of Farred’s latest antics.  For those who are unfamiliar with him, Farred delivered the most inane, nonsensical, embarrassing, and offensive campus speech in recent Williams history.  I’m just thankful that his brand of bile no longer has a home at Williams.  Can you imagine Farred’s reaction had a white professor or student referred to two students as “black bitches”????  No doubt, he would seize upon those remarks as an opportunity to indict the entire white population at Cornell, if not the entire white race.  As KC noted, karma’s a bitch.

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