Robert L Gaudino (1925-1974)
This is the event which brought me to Williams…

James MacGregor Burns began
Fred Greene
Ray Baker– “Bob Surrounded by His Students”

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An excellent article on Professor Gaudino in The Alumni Review

A note on the event from Dale Riehl ’72

Final Gaudino Weekend Details — April 15, 2010

Here is some key information for this Bob Gaudino Commemorative Weekend:

• Friday dinner participants: the venue has changed. We are assembling starting at 6:30 pm for wine & beer in the “Great Hall” of the Pareksy Center, ground floor (aka the old SU). Bar will be set up adjacant to a giant fireplace. Buffet supper to begin 7-ish in the large space adjacent to the Great Hall, next to the Snack Bar, called “Whitman’s Servery.”

• Breakfast is on your own on Saturday

• Saturday morning classes begin at 8:30–but please be at the respective starting classrooms by no later than a few minutes before that. “Exploring Creativity” students report to South Academic Building Classroom #129; those taking the “Gaudino-inspired” classes go to North Academic Building Classroom #140. Both groups will be divided into three, each then going to one of three nearby classrooms. Here is a link to a campus map. Participants in the “Gaudino” classes should have received a modest homework assignment from me by now; if not, please be in touch.

• Meals: if you signed up for any Saturday daytime activities, be aware that there is a buffet lunch served from 11:30 to 12:30. The food will be located just outside South Academic Building Classroom #129. You are encouraged to eat in any nearby classrooms or the adjacent lounge.

• For those planning on going on the Sunday morning walk, you should be prepared with an umbrella. Weather prediction: “possible shower.”

• A number of people have already queried about appropriate “dress.” The Friday “supper” is academic neat- casual, ie-turtleneck with or without jacket (nb-pretty nippy with Fri low at 40; lower Sat). Saturday’s dinner is a more formal event, so jacket and tie is my rough sartorial guidance.

• Updated Schedule: You will find attached an updated version of the weekend schedule that now includes all the details about meeting spaces and meals. The alumni + guest count is over 120, and this doesn’t include the Gaudino family contingent, and campus participation. So there will be a rather substantial and interested crowd.

• Name tags will have been prepared; so if we don’t have the presence of mind to direct your attention to where these live, please ask–or just find your own if you see them displayed.

• Two Reminders: Throughout entire weekend there will be an exhibit at the Sawyer Library of material from the Gaudino Archive. These “Gaudino Papers” will be on display in from April 9 through April 30 adjacent to “Access Services”, aka the Circulation Desk. Many of you have already participated in the Gaudino oral history being conducted by Paul Lieberman ’71. But if you have not yet shared your stories — and would like to — we invite you to do so over the weekend. Paul has set aside 2:30 – 4 am on Saturday in the Rehearsal room in Bernhardt Music Center, and 8 – 9:30 am on Sunday on the Faculty Club’s Library to gather more recollections that will become an eight chapter multi-media presentation on the web. Please email Paul at to schedule a time slot.

Let me know if you have any questions, before or once you reach Wmstown. You are welcome to call me via my cell, 917-576-7487 or James Mathieu at his cell, 307-690-5206.

See you very soon!


Dale Riehl, ’72

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