Baxter/Paresky Hall, 18 April 2010. Near midnight.

(Is it possible to reconvene, the night council?)

Agenda for the Restoral of our Nation (current revision; in 10 Points)

1. Rescue Governance, and return it to the Service of our People and our Nation

2. Democratize the Media and Mass Communications

3. Create a New Economics

4. Control the Practices of our Corporations

5. Eliminate the Corruption of Financial Privilege

6. Return to the Practices of Politics as an Ethical Imperitive and of Republican Austerity

7. Strengthen the Energy Sector, and Establish Environmental Sustainability and Self-Sufficiency

8. Insure the Health and Nutrition of all the People

9. Restore a Government Dedicated to the Well-Being of All

10. Change the Ways We Think

Is the translation correct, more or less?

These are my words, and the words of my President, and our agenda for all our Nations.

What do they mean to you, for you life, and the lives of those around you, and of all our children?

Can they establish, a future course? What course would that be? Is it the right course? Can you imagine others?

Are these the right principles? Is this the correct agenda? If not– what is?

Please correct, as you see necessary.

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