I was pleased to receive these two articles recently from Prof. Norman Birnbaum ’46:

Historical Limits
Why Not Give Them Hell?

He enclosed the following note:

Dear Ronit,

Just to keep them coming (I do not know, at age 84, when higher powers will intervene, do not know which higher powers, in fact…): an open letter to Chancellor Merkel, published in the German financial daily Handelsblatt in time for her to read it on Luftwaffe Eins on the way to Washington, and some (entirely unsolicited) election advice to Gordon Brown, about to be published in Tribune, the traditional Labour weekly. I began to contribute to Tribune, whose literary editor was once George Orwell, in the fifties–so long ago that as a faculty member at the London School of Economics at the time, I was giving seminars with the British political scientist Ralph Miliband, now alas gone, but with two sons in the outgoing British cabinet.

If you consider that the articles constitute a danger to the health of readers who might suffer apoplectic attacks, of course humane considerations would require not publishing…


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