I have just been handed a package of ‘Mini Lorna Doone shortbread cookies’ by a group of gentleman in this Hall, calling themselves, collectively, the Messrs. ‘Active Minds Stress Relief.’ I have handed them a package of the Stress Relievers I am peddling, in return.

My memory is weak, on what this clan was called, last I visited this small Village. Evidently it has dissolved and reconstituted itself several times. There is another structure, in place of the small Meeting Hall which I remember.

I hope log-term readers will recognize a little of what is occurring. This is ‘History Unfolding.’ This is ‘Being and Structure.’ If you’ll pardon the puns, and the necessity to nurture a little historical understanding.

Doone– where are you? Thanks for the Madeleines and all the memories (fragmented as they are).

(Wait– is that, how you spell htat?)

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