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Beautiful Voices

In an effort to purge the memory or a particularly poisonous discussion, someone on WSO had the brilliant idea of a Beautiful Voices post, which features great vocal performances, including one by a current Eph.  A prior WSO thread inspired an impassioned pop music discussion here (hopefully PTC will return from his hiatus soon!); I think it’s time for an encore. What are some of your favorite voices?

Mine include Nina Simone, Morrissey, Glen Hansard, Robin Pecknold (of Fleet Foxes), Sinead O’Connor, David BowieCassandra Wilson, Johnny Cash, Nick Cave, Matt Berninger (of The National), and Neko Case. I’ve seen all of them live, other than Cash and Simone, and like most truly great voices, it is impossible to capture just how powerful and haunting they are without seeing them in person.

In addition to the pros, I’d be curious to hear about any particularly memorable singing performances (especially by classmates) you heard during your time on campus.